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Our Qualifications

TAD Group International has been authorized to provide CSA engineering services in the Province of Ontario, Canada by PEO since 2002, permitted to provide CSA engineering services in the Province of Alberta, Canada by APEGA since 2011, and licensed from Province of British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

We are a member of America Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) as well as a member of America Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).


During the past decade, TAD Group International has accomplished many projects, diversified from building & infrastructure, nuclear power, OTSG, OffShore Structure, oil & gas, petrochemical and to refinery. Our engineers, designers and drafters were able to produce a thousand fabrication drawings in two weeks. Contracted clients (both direct and indirect) are very satisfied with our high quality engineering services, and we have achieved excellent reputation and credibility.


Our Experiences

We have gained a wide range of experience with CSA engineering , design and drafting in the areas of high rise building, highway, long span bridge, offshore, pipeline, SAGD CPF & field facilities, petrochemical plant, refinery, power station (including coal, gas fire and nuclear) and water structure.

We are able to provide you with our expertise services in the following specific areas which you might find are quite challenging for your projects, we have been doing this for many years:

  • Complex structure 3D simulation and analysis.
  • Blast analysis and design for potentially impacted building, onshore plant structure and offshore structure.
  • Long span bridge vibration analysis and design (especially for cable suspended bridge).
  • Dynamic analysis and design for heavy machinery foundation and support structure.
  • Seismic analysis and design for structures located in active earthquake zones.